Why Chromebooks?

Why the Chromebook Plan?

1) It is a laptop. (not a handheld or tablet.)

2) It is simple and can provide less distractions for students and teachers in our educational environment.

3) It is cloud based. Everything you create, share,  do or view is stored with your account in the cloud. Say goodbye to losing your data due to hardware failure or forgetting to save/backup.

4) Cost- The low cost of the device allows us to expand our deployment while reducing costs.  It also presents us with the opportunity to completely refresh our devices every 4 years.

5) Chromebooks are far less expensive to repair or replace than a traditional computer.

6) Chromebooks are Online Assessment Ready- Starting in 2015, all students grades 2-8 will be assessed via the Smarter Balanced online assessment.  Having enough devices on hand to test will be critical to ensure our students are allowed optimal testing conditions.

7) It provides an app store with a massive selection of free and affordable educational tools and applications much like the iPad app store has done for our younger grades.

8) It provides a much longer battery life then our past devices. A typical charge lasts 8 hours, long enough to last the entire school day. 

9) It provides a more secure environment for our students to work and learn. 

10) It is fast. The chromebook has a quick 8 second boot up time.

11) It is easy to manage, meaning less time for IT Staff and Teachers to fix and troubleshoot. Wouldn't it be nice if we could spend less time fixing devices and more time working with teachers to leverage the power of the internet in their classrooms?