Think Different

Take Meeting Notes in Google Docs.Then you can share them and collaborate with the rest of your students or staff.  Have students create, edit, and submit their work via google docs. Then make corrections to their work via Google docs. Imagine the Paper and Ink saved over a full school year if we all printed less. Think Green!

Try to create a "Thought of the day" or "Short response of the day".
(Previously known as Wallwisher)

Create a site for your classes and parents. Embed Videos, assignments, calendars, presentations, documents and more.  Connect with people in a way educators could only dream of years ago.
Create and share curriculum with other staff in the district, state, or around the world.

Have Students use sites to create ePortfolios or large collaborative projects that can last a lifetime to be shown to future students as examples. If the work is good enough, publish it for the world to use and benefit from. Again all paper and ink free!